There is a place called Peace, where living waters never cease to flow And you’ve led me here, away from fear, where your winds ever blow And there is no end to wonder with you so near and so much to show So I can wander freely, at liberty, beneath emerald eyes I so well […]

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Bills are piling high, pills will not do, and you want to cry; Your roof is leaking, your soul is seeking, you want to die, But you really try to stay calm, without any healing balm; You feel lonely and frightened in the deadly dark of night, And you reach ‘n try to teach yourself […]

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Failure : A New Beginning !

Sudhanshu Joshi


Sudhanshu Joshi

Failure is not the end ,
Failure is the beginning!

Beginning of a new chase,
Chase to achieve our goal !
Beginning of a new phase,
Phase which involves our soul !

Beginning of a new race,
Race to passion and glory !
Beginning to enter a world,
Where everyone has a struggle story!

Life is not meant to be easy ,
Life is indeed a roller coaster !

Ups and down are the part of life !
Hope is the start of life !

Faith can lift you to the highest peak!
Losing hope can make you coward and weak !

Everybody knows how to fall,
But, Few are those who stand erect and tall!

Never let failure install fear in your mind,
Just believe yourself ,because you are One Of A Kind !

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Sudhanshu Joshi

Sudhanshu Joshi

There are things I want to say,
to all my friends in a poetic way !

In this journey named life,
You have been so awesome and kind.
You have imprinted so many memories,
which even gives eyes to a blind !

You have been so helpful at every step,
You have been so faithful through it all!
I have experienced many ups and down
but you have never let me fall !

You have always amplified my happiness,
and vanished my problems and sorrow.
at times when life became a doubt,
You pictured me a better tomorrow !

You listened to all my problems,
in a kind and caring way!
you would achieve what you desire
because that’s what I pray !

Distance between us might increase,
but our friendship will always be the same.
Many new friends may come and go,
but u will always…

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Definition of success

When you reach societal success are you really successful? Or do you reach success when you define what success is for yourself and when you reach that goal?

For one to be successful, they must accomplish all that they set out to do. When you check off everything on your checklist and you can sit back and relax, feeling accomplished and well deserved for the accolades that you have received, are you content with that. Or must you reach the success that is pushed upon you by the outside world.

Reaching your desired results in life, whether professional, personal, or academic is a huge accomplishment. No other person or subject should be able to detail how long it takes you to reach your height of success, that all determines on you as an individual and the level of success you are trying to reach. As well as, other factors that will determine how long its takes you to get there.

  • How hard you work for it
  • How consistent you are working at it
  • The focus you put towards it
  • Any obstacles that may present themselves
  • How fast you can clear those obstacles (if applicable)
  • Life events that may delay you
  • Any possible help you can get

With all of these factors good and bad, giving yourself the opportunity to determine your success, when you reach the finish line, you will feel an abundance of pleasure and satisfaction, that no one will be able to take away from you.

Dream Big!