Sudhanshu Joshi

Sudhanshu Joshi

There are things I want to say,
to all my friends in a poetic way !

In this journey named life,
You have been so awesome and kind.
You have imprinted so many memories,
which even gives eyes to a blind !

You have been so helpful at every step,
You have been so faithful through it all!
I have experienced many ups and down
but you have never let me fall !

You have always amplified my happiness,
and vanished my problems and sorrow.
at times when life became a doubt,
You pictured me a better tomorrow !

You listened to all my problems,
in a kind and caring way!
you would achieve what you desire
because that’s what I pray !

Distance between us might increase,
but our friendship will always be the same.
Many new friends may come and go,
but u will always…

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