Failure : A New Beginning !

Sudhanshu Joshi


Sudhanshu Joshi

Failure is not the end ,
Failure is the beginning!

Beginning of a new chase,
Chase to achieve our goal !
Beginning of a new phase,
Phase which involves our soul !

Beginning of a new race,
Race to passion and glory !
Beginning to enter a world,
Where everyone has a struggle story!

Life is not meant to be easy ,
Life is indeed a roller coaster !

Ups and down are the part of life !
Hope is the start of life !

Faith can lift you to the highest peak!
Losing hope can make you coward and weak !

Everybody knows how to fall,
But, Few are those who stand erect and tall!

Never let failure install fear in your mind,
Just believe yourself ,because you are One Of A Kind !

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