Are We Unlucky or Biased?

Jabid's Scrapbook

Luck, Fate and a bunch of Scattered Thoughts

Luck. A small innocent looking word. But sometimes it may change someones life entirely. Or, does it? An wise man named Tennessee Williams once said,

Luck is believing you’re lucky.

To some extent I believe that too. I believe that a person makes his or her own luck. One thing needs to be clarified here. I am not referring or relating Luck with Fate anyhow. I think those two are completely different things. So, believing in Fate or Destiny is one thing, and believing in Luck is another. For example, every human being is destined to die some day. No one can change that fate. But if you live a long and healthy life with your friends and family, shall we call that being Lucky? No. If you maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle, don’t have any self-destructive addiction or…

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